Dyson- Dec 14th

Dyson- Dec 14th

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Teacher: Gissell Cures
Number of people joining: 7
 Dec 14th at 09.30-12.30

Welcome to a teamevent in throwing clay at Drejverkstaden. We are looking forward to take care of you during this afternoon and learn you about the ceramic world we found so amazing.

Course structure and content: You will learn the basics of throwing. We talk about the clay and the process as well as demonstrate how to throw on the wheel. Then you will be able to spin as much as you can and bear for the next few hours.

You will get to save 2 pcs/person, which we later will trim for you (arrange below, etc.). After the course, the pcs must dry properly and then be burnt. We then glaze your work after a joint decision on glaze color. After that, they will be glaze fired and you can then come and pick up your finished artworks about 4-5 weeks after the course day. We will notify you when they are ready.

Bring: workingclothes. We have aprons for everyone if you wish to borrow. Please also bring shoes/sandals which is okey to get some clay on. (Easy to take away when its dry later on).

Sustainable materials and studio
At Drejverkstaden, we are very concerned about the environment. Everything we do is undertaken according to a sustainability plan. The stoneware clays we buy come from Witgerts, which has a strong environmental policy.  The advantage of stoneware is that the fired ware is very durable and that the glazes are lead-free. We strive to mix the glazes as environmentally friendly and sustainably as possible. We pre-rinse all our glazing tools. The electricity of burning the pcs comes strictly from renewable electricity. 

The studio is situated at Holländargatan 33, Stockholm.

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